Save on taxes for your online business.

CleverTaxes helps service and influencer entrepreneurs capture the hidden tax savings in their online business.


We serve entrepreneurs... everywhere.

CleverTaxes is a 100% virtual tax consulting firm for online entrepreneurs who want the easiest path to save on taxes.

Our tax advisors work with online entrepreneurs all over the world. Our client base consists of:

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing Agencies
  • Online Coaches and Course Creators
  • Service Providers and Consultants
  • Affiliate and Network Marketers
  • YouTubers, Instagram Models, Twitch Streamers

We understand your pain of working with a "traditional" CPA firm with a principal on the verge of retirement that still runs their firm in the stone age. They have never heard of "digital marketing agencies" or "influencers" and have a hard time speaking your language. How can they address your burning questions like:  

  • How can I maximize tax savings with my online business?
  • How much do I need to set aside for taxes each month?
  • How do I best manage my business finances for my taxes?

We know exactly how to help you because we only work with clients like you.

How it works.

Our process is really easy.

  • Schedule a discovery consultation with our team.
  • Complete our onboarding process and schedule your walkthough call.
  • Meet with your advisor to review your books and records.
  • We complete your tax returns for you and your business.
  • We calculate your taxes every quarter to make sure you're on track.

Our Values

Tax Savings

We start with a free consultation to get to know you and identify the best strategies for your taxes.


We do all the number crunching so you don't have to. Your returns will be accurately completed.


 Tired of confusing tax jargon? We make your taxes really easy to understand in your video review.

Meet your tax advisor.

Bryan Nguyen, CPA

Learn more about how I can help with taxes and accounting for your business today!