Tax Essentials

Tax Preparation

Everyone knows you have to file a tax return every year covers a complete review of your return by a CPA who knows taxes for online business owners. 

Year-Round Tax Planning

Our service covers a forecast of your taxes every quarter. We calculate what you need to pay to the government and how much you need to set aside.

Video Review

We're big believers in making sure our clients know what's going into their tax return and feel comfortable asking us for help when they need it.


Saving you on taxes.

If you're a business owner looking for a tax advisor who:

  • knows your business model like the back of their hand
  • focuses on getting you the best tax result before touching your return
  • can stay ahead of the tax questions you'll inevitably have

...then you're in the right place. We offer full-service tax support for online business owners needing tax preparation with a practice that specializes in your industry.

We take a consultative approach to serving our clients which means we focus on getting the best results rather than churning out numbers onto a piece of paper. Our proactive nature, familiarity with your industry, and sage tax experience will get you the most tax savings.

Advanced Tax Planning.

S-Corporation Setup

If you're a seasoned digital entrepreneur netting over six-figures, we offer our Treasure Trove to set you up with an S corporation that pays for itself in tax savings all in the first year.

IRS Troubles

Nothing is scarier than receiving a notice from the Internal Revenue Service. We can help you prepare and pay for unfiled tax returns and correspond on your behalf with the IRS to negotiate the best possible result for you as soon as possible.

Advanced Tax Consulting

Sometimes you need more sophisticated tax advice that helps you save on taxes for your online business. We offer tax consulting outside of your return preparation package if you need complex tax research and advice to get you the right answers.

"Bryan reviewed my previous tax returns to discover an error caused by my former accountant. Not only does Bryan provide clients with assistance on tax return prep, their team provides clients with excellent tax strategy support to minimize future tax liability. Most firms charge exuberant fees for this service, but Bryan provides excellent services for a reasonable price and I highly recommend Bryan to my friends and colleagues."

- Jordan T.

Which tax package is right for you?


Whether you're a new agency owner, Instagram model, or a business coach, we have you covered! Our Personal Tax Package covers the following:

  • Individual Federal and State Return Preparation
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments
  • Annual Tax Savings Plan - Updated Quarterly
  • Year-Round Tax Support
  • Video Review of Your Tax Return


If you have a separate company for your business, we can take care of all the income tax filings for your company. Our Business Tax Package covers the following:

  • Business Federal and State Return Preparation
  • Individual Federal and State Return Preparation
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments
  • Annual Tax Savings Plan - Updated Quarterly
  • Year-Round Tax Support
  • Video Review of Your Tax Returns

"Bryan was referred to us by a fellow Return Peace Corps volunteer. My wife and I have a complex work situation (e.g. both in international non-profit, both consult on the side, etc.), and Bryan total understood it. If there was something he didn’t know based on a question we asked, he had a cohort of colleagues to reach out to to find the answer. He asked detailed questions, requested specific numbers, and got us a great tax return. All work is done remotely and uploading docs onto a secure website; scanning and submitting documents online is a pain but in this day-and-age this is new norm. We felt confident that these documents were secured online with the program that Bryan uses. He is very responsive to questions and will give you a list of items that he needs from you. Based on this professional background as a CPA, he has the ability to explain things to his clients that makes sense without a lot of jargon. His fee is reasonable and competitive to current rates; he’s the cheapest we’ve found in the last several years."

- Travis W.